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It's still summer!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:30 am

Here it is the middle of August, almost. It's still summer here, meaning it's hot, hot, hot and more hot. Each day is in the upper 90's and it says the weekend will be 101 and 102 degrees. It's good that every where we go has air conditioning but getting in and out of the truck and into a building raises the sweat on you forehead. It has a habit of running into my eyes so I have to have a kleenex in had to wipe it out again. I am not fond of winter but could use a shorter summer and more spring and fall. Fall is my favorite season. When I was a kid it was a time of weiner roasts and hay rides and, of course,back to school. Some kids have already gone back to school. They have the year divided up a lot different than they did when I went to school. They get more holidays and time off. I didn't have a big garden this year and what I had didn't do very well. I'm getting old enough that going out in the heat of the day to tend to things is a bit daunting. I always intend to get up early and do it and some days I manage it and some days I have other stuff to do. You know how the "other stuff" keeps sticking it's head in where it doesn't belong. It's the things that has to be done instead of the things that you want to do. We are retired so we don't have as much other stuff as people who are working or have kids to get ready for back to school days.
I still try to do a bit of sewing every day. I have four aprons hanging on the back of the door now and one that is a work in progress. I'll maybe get it finished tomorrow. I sell some but it seems I like to just give them to people same as with the shopping bags. It doesn't cost me a lot to make them and I like to see the happy smiles on people's faces.
It's my keep busy project. I was told to find something to do to keep busy so I didn't sit and stare at the tv all day. It would be hard to do that because we don't have a tv. We haven't had one for seven years now. I don't miss it. Sometimes when we go to eat there will be a tv and I see the news or weather. Mostly the news isn't good news and I can look outside and see the weather. Or read about it in the paper or check it out on the computer. So, I don't miss the tv.
Sometimes I'm on the computer since I have a facebook account to keep in touch with my kids. I also play some solitaire or mahjong on it. I sew and I read and I do crossword puzzles. I cook and clean occasionally. One thing I do every day is dishes. I never leave dishes sitting dirty. It's a habit that I learned from my mom. When I was working maybe I did occasionally but I had the boys at home to do them. I think they still do them with the help of a dishwasher. I don't have a dishwasher, never really wanted one though one time I did have one.
Well, anyway sometimes I write and we belong to a writer's group that meets once a month so Brian and I both write something for it. They think I should pull together all my Boomer Rabbit stories into a book. I think there are about 20 of them. I just never get around to doing it. That "other stuff" gets in the way, I guess. Maybe someday!
We're still feeding the birds. Well, Brian feeds them and I keep their water tubs filled. The squirrels seem to come and help themselves but the birds knock enough on the ground that would be wasted so I'm not going to complain about it. Once in awhile I see a little rabbit but they seem to prefer the grass that grows from the seeds. Most of the birds are cardinals and I like to sit and watch them. They have always been one of my very favorite birds.
So, we are not sitting around staring at the tv. We find all sorts of things to keep us busy. I still come to Gardenstew every day even though some days I don't write much. Wannabe and I exchange private messages to keep in touch every day. It's just an extra touch since we do chat sometimes. She lives in Illinois and I live in Texas. I think now that of the six brothers and sisters, each one live in a different state. I wonder how that happened. I think we all moved around so much when we were kids that we all chose a place we liked when we were a kid. Though I never lived in Texas I do like this part very much.


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Frank wrote on Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:28 am:

I'm not a big TV watcher either Dooley. It's mostly someone trying to sell you something or get you to think a certain way anyhow.

And I agree about washing dishes regularly. When I'm in another country and living by myself I only ever use one of every dish because I wash them when I'm done :D

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