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Cold, snowy day

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:33 am

We got up to a cold, snowy day. I thought it was still snowing, but it was just the wind blowing snow out of the trees. We had 10 inches, at least. It is hard to settle on an accurate amount as it was mixed with rain at times and it was warm enough to melt it at times. There was so much snow in and on the trees that the branches were bending on the fir trees. I used my broom to knock some of the snow off so they could spring back into a semblance of trees.
At 10:30 no one had gone out out street. The snow still had no tire prints. It was really beautiful out. By eleven-thirty, the sun had warmed things enough that the street was empty of snow and water was running down it like a river. Up the block, the paved street was clean and dry. The daffodils now have no snow to peek through. If I have to have snow, this is the kind I like. It took a day and a half to get it built up to the 10 inches and in a day and a half it will be gone with the exception of the shady spots and that may take an additional day.
Dan went up to Camp Verde this morning. He came over here this afternoon. He said people from the valley were bringing their kids up to see the snow. The valley had mainly rain. (l to 2 inches) He said they were stopping their car where ever there was a space to do so. The kids piles out and played in the snow. Dan said up and down the highway were snowmen. There are people living down in Phoenix who never get snow. When it gets close they take their kids to see it. This is the most snow I've seen since we moved to Arizona 17 years ago. My sister has lived in Arizona since 1967. Her kids have never experienced shoveling snow. Some of her grandchildren have never seen snow until this week. When someone says, "Snow, what's the big deal?" they don't realize this is the desert and it doesn't generally snow. The snow is usually reserved for the 6,000 and above in altitude.
So, after 143 days without measurable rain or snow everyone was very excited when it started to rain and snow. It was a good storm in that respect. I grumble about the snow, but it's good for the ground.
I saw something else grumbling about the snow yesterday and this morning. There was a little hummingbird trying to get nectar out of the apricot blossems and it kept getting dusted with the snow as it disturbed the branches. Definitely not a happy hummingbird. dooley

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Gardenstew wrote on Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:46 am:

I can't remember my first memory of experiencing snow but I can imagine for a youngster I was very excited. Those kids are lucky.

Images of a frustrated hummingbird popped into my mind at the end of the blog entry. Lol, a grumpy hummingbird :)


jubabe296 wrote on Sat Mar 18, 2006 3:47 pm:

we never get snow here in southeast texas! We took the kids up to Oklahoma last winter for them to play in the snow.A very long drive (6 hours) but they greatly enjoyed it.

Poor little hummingbird!

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