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One things leads to another

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2006 7:43 pm

I can't seem to get anything finished because it seems like lately I can't start anything without needing to do six things before I can get to it. Our son has been having some problems finding a place to live because in winter time there just isn't anything to rent here.
So, we told him he could put a small trailer in our lower driveway. Except there is already a very small out of date trailer parked there. It's where Brian stores the things we take to the flea market when we go. So, we will move it back to the side of the big shed. But, we need to move a fence first. The neighbor who can move the little trailer is out of town for the weekend. We can't plant the apple trees, because where we want to plant them is where the neighbor needs to bring his endloader through to move the little trailer. The little trailer has no wheels is why he moves it with the endloader. He just moved it forward last fall so we could fill the holes where it was parked. We, also, need to put the fence across the backyard so the javalina won't eat the apple trees. They come down the alley. Most of the yard is fenced except that piece behind the big shed. so, right now, we are waiting for Monday when the neighbor gets back. Tuesday they are supposed to bring Dan's small trailer. He's only using it for a bedroom and get-away place because he won't have plumbing in it.
One good thing is that he has cable internet and he is having it transferred to here and he says I can hook up to it if we buy a router and cable moden and then, we'll share the cost. Maybe that will happen next week or the week after or the week after. It depends on how many things we have to do before we can get it hooked up for him.
This morning we were going to the flea market but the weather wasn't great. So Brian decided to work on the greenhouse. We've been so busy that we were wondering if we were even going to get it up. He was working on the frame when it started snowballing. He didn't need my help so I was trying to clean the garden shed. I had moved everything out. We switched some shelves around because we wanted some shelves to put in the greenhouse that were in the garden shed and I had some others to put in the garden shed. I sorted and tossed things and has just finished putting things back when it started to snowball. Not rain, not sleet, not hail or snow. Little hard snowballs is the closest I could come to it. Brian put his things away. The snow/rain or whatever is supposed to last through tomorrow and then hopefully we will have some sunny warm days and we can get something done. Tuesday is out because that is supposed to be the trailer moving day, maybe!
I did get the pansies planted. The hummingbirds weren't too happy about it because it was too close to the feeder. I kept getting divebombed. I tried to get their picture but didn't manage it yesterday. I'll try again when I see them out there. They are ruby throated and when the sun shines on them they are just beautiful. Guess I should go see if there is anything I need to be doing. Not outside right now. I'm not fond of snowballs. Dooley

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jubabe296 wrote on Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:48 am:

I hope you get everything straightened out!Those snowballs sound terrible!I haven't had any hummingbirds yet.I filled the feeders and hopefully they will arrive soon!

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