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A nice sunny day

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 3:30 am

It was a nice sunny day and for once I didn't have a million and one things that I needed to do. Well, I did but I ignore some of them. I went outside. Brian and Dan both beat me out. Brian was working on the greenhouse and Dan was sanding the old finish off of the inside of the travel trailer. We're refurbishing it so he can live in it for a while. He's going to be saving his money for a down payment on his own house.
Anyway, I decided that it was time to clean out under the rose bushes and give them some food. I did 10 rose bushes and two honeysuckle bushes. I had piles of leaves and debris all over. I thought it was break time so went in and made cold drinks for all. Before I could get them outside, Brian came in so he carried his out. I carried mine and Dan's out and discovered he'd disappeared. So, I drank mine and his. I cleaned out behind the travel trailer so he would have a place for his lawn chairs and his copper firepit thingy. He came back just as I was finishing it. He finished all the walls today. He is coming back tomorrow to do the cupboards in the kitchen area. That's more detail work than the walls. Tomorrow, I have to finish up the rose bushes. I probably have another 10 to do. They are all on the row of bushes that hide the messy work area from the herb garden area. When we moved here the climbing roses were sort of just rambling across the lawn because they only had a three foot fence and no one had trained them on it. We added another three feet of fence atop the first three feet so there is six feet. I want to add another two foot section when we have time because it's drooping and catches us when we walk by it.
Brian is going to work on the greenhouse door. It's looking good. Then, he wants to add a brace here and there and some trim. After that we need to start work on the back fence so we can get those trees planted. We have room for three trees and we only bought two so we need to get one more. Brian is going to ask our neighbor to dig three holes with his backhoe so we won't have to do so much digging. It will still be work but not so much. Brian said that after he gets the three holes dug, we can put up fence # 1. Then, fence # 2 will be four or five feet inside of that one. I'll put vines and flowers in between the two fences. That way, Chance can't run up and down the fence. Brian says maybe we'll do that with the other yard too. Poor Chance, we'll cut down on some of her fun. She runs up and down the fence and barks at our neighbor's visitors. He has a big workshop and fixes things for people. All sorts of things. He welds.
We also have to finish the exercise room, put up the screen section. I haven't even been using it, shame on me. I'm supposed to but it's been so cold, I haven't wanted to go out there.
There is never an end to things to do. I have that big pond tub to bury. Well, I have to dig a hole to hold it so we can get on with the waterfall.
I have to dig out all the grass and weeds that have been coming up where they aren't wanted. I need to take some more pictures of the daffodils and I want a picture of the hummingbirds. There were at least eight of them today, chasing each other between my feeder and our neighbor Frank's feeder. This Frank is 75 and is from Germany.

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Gardenstew wrote on Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:16 am:

You sound mega-busy dooley! You need any help? I can send the Gnome brigade over to help you. Be warned though they don't come cheap :) lol


jubabe296 wrote on Mon Mar 27, 2006 4:33 pm:

Wow! Dooley you make me exhausted just thinking about all that work (LOL!)

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