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Too much

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 5:23 am

I think I have too much to do. I wanted a herb garden. Then, I wanted a greenhouse so I could use a gift certificate from a garden catalog to buy herb seeds so I wouldn't have to buy so many. Well, I got a greenhouse and DR bought peat pots and potting soil so I planted lots and lots and lots of seeds. Now, all of the seeds are coming up. ALL of them. I planted a lot of seeds because generally about a quarter of them come up. Now, I have all of these little plants and I have to get places ready to put them. I spent two days digging the garden space. DR bought packaged steer manure for me to mix in the garden when I rake it down tomorrow. We bought bark mulch to go around the apple trees and some of the little trees and vines. I want to gather up all my pots from last year and sift the dirt into a big tub and mix compost with it and refill some of the pots. I have to fix the little furrows to put my soaker hose down in the garden. Then, I have to dig up the area in the herb garden place so when the herbs get big enough I will have a place for them. That's where the tulips are growing. I now have to find my herb book and decide which herbs need sun and which need shade or mostly shade. Our sun here is really intense here in the summer so I usually try to plant things so they have some shade. I have hollyhocks growing in the garden that I had to dig around. I moved about twenty last week but some are just too big to move. I can't pull them out because DR likes hollyhocks. We had one last year that was taller than the eaves of the house. They just grow wild around here. I didn't plant any. I have some morning glories coming up by the fence where I had them last year. I have a wheelbarrow that I had petunias growing in last year. I planted a salad mix in it last week. I saw green coming up and thought it was the lettuce. It was more morning glories. It's just been the last year or two that you could legally grow morning glories in Arizona. They were considered a noxious weed. Arizona grows a lot of cotton and the morning glories got so bad they choked out the cotton so the outlawed it. I don't know why but you can buy the seeds again. I know why they were outlawed though. Morning glories are coming up all over the place. I keep digging the up and moving them to a place by a fence where they can grow. I suppose next year I will have so many I'll just pull them up and dispose of them. I hate to throw away anything that is growing. I told my neighbor I would give him some of the herbs when they are big enough to put into pots. Since all of the squash plants have come up, I guess we will have an abundant amount of squash. It's zucchini, butterstick and yellow crookneck. I have 42 plants. Last year I planted a lot and they either didn't come up or the earwigs ate them. We had to buy squash. DR says he could eat squash two meals a day. I cook it with peppers, onions and sometimes mushrooms. Sort of just stirfry it until its hot. Grate cheese over it. Yum!!
I still have to try to find time to finish the plans for the library summer reading program. It needs to be done by May 1st so Dan can run it by the library board. They really don't have to approve them, but they like to know what's going on. It will be two hours a morning every Tuesday in June and July, except July 4th. That's a holiday. It's theme is animals and I've decided to do it about animals that are pets. I've arranged for a vet to come and talk about care and feeding of pets. Also, suitable animals for pets. I've put in a call to an wild animal refuge (a place that takes abandoned and sick wild animals for rehab). I'd like them to talk to the kids about animals that don't make good pets. I also am trying to arrange for an animal rescue place to come talk to the kids about abandoned cats and dogs and the neccesity of getting them neutered or spayed. Dan is going to do one program on snakes and lizards. So, I have lots of things to do. I guess I will just have to make time to get it all done. The days are shorter now than they used to be. I'm not sure why. When I was young school years were very long. Now, the kids seem to be off all the time. I can't figure it. Oh, well! I guess I should make time to sleep too. Dooley

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jubabe296 wrote on Sun Apr 16, 2006 5:32 am:

Wow Dooley you do have alot to get done!!I can tell that you are enjoying your new greenhouse!!I really like your ideas for the summer reading program, I'll bet the kiddos will really enjoy them too.I know my kiddos would!!


Gardenstew wrote on Sun Apr 16, 2006 2:53 pm:

I agree with Julie, a really great idea for the reading program Dooley. Educating the kids about pets and that they are living creatures, not play things. That's what I would stress.

Sounds like your new greenhouse is a HUGE success as well!

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