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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 3:23 am

The day began with Chance sitting outside the bedroom door whining because DR won't let her outside. I didn't know about the coyote and tried to ignore her. She finally resorted to yipping. I finally opened my eyes and told her to be quiet. She went to find DR but I was awake by then.
We went shopping. DR broke his reading glasses so we stopped and bought a pair at the dollar store. Just magnifying kind. I bought 30 packs of flower seeds. DR is going to put up another fence inside the backyard fence so Chance can't dig along the fence. We've never had a problem with her digging until just recently. We went to the bank and we went shopping up in Prescott. We wanted to buy a used refrigerator but couldn't find one at any of the thrift shops. We wanted to buy more potting soil but the pallet was empty. They wouldn't have more until the truck came but who knows when that would be. We wanted to buy paint but the man who mixed paint was at lunch. We didn't wait for him to come back. We finally stopped at the Chinese Buffet for lunch. That was okay for the most part. Some stuff wasn't very hot. I enjoyed what I had though. We did all right for the rest of the day. Traffic is getting to be a mess. Too many people trying to shop on the same day as I am shopping. They should just all stay home out of my way. I sneezed my way through the day. There is too much pollen in the air. I came home and took an allergy pill and I finally stopped sneezing. That mulberry tree in the front is so loud. I stop and look up to see what is making all the noise. Bees, bees and more bees. Al would like the sound. My neighbor had to take his hummingbird feeders down because the bees were using it and the hummingbirds couldn't get to it. He had hundreds of bees on it. My feeders are six to ten feet away and I wasn't having a problem with bees. Not a one. We couldn't figure it out. It was standing room only at the feeders. They were chasing each other so much it's a wonder any of them got anything to eat. I looked for another feeder today but guess what. The store was out of them. Well, unless I wanted to pay twelve to fifteen dollars for a really fancy one. They will eat out of the one dollar one so why should I spend more for one. I had to clean them good this time when I filled them. They get all sorts of gunk in them. I found a little bottle brush and bent it so it would reach the curve of the inside and it works well. Guess I should go and finish things up and go to bed. No, it's still to early and Chance isn't ready for bed yet. She'll just laugh at me if I ask her if it's bedtime. Dooley

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