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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 5:36 am

We got up early this morning and I dug along the fence. DR bent some fencing and we put it along side of the outside fence. So I have a flower bed 25 ft long and 15 inches wide. I added potting soil and compost and planted a mixture of seeds. Marigold, zinnia, cockscomb, red poppies, asters, four O'clocks, and nastursium. Some of those should come up. In the morning, I think I will try to move some morning glories that are coming up in my lettuce and other unwanted places and see if I can get them to grow along the outside fence.
Then, we went to the post office and three hours later we got back home. We decided to go to Cordes Lakes to the general store(10 miles) to see if they had any potting soil. They only had a kind we didn't like so we didn't buy any. We went to two yard sales. We found a better mattress for the bunk in the travel trailer. We found the used refrigerator to put in the big shed for summer drinks, water and ice, etc. We went back to the library because Dan was having his lunch break. I stayed at the library and Dan went and helped DR move the refrigerator. It wasn't busy at the library so I shelved the books that were on the shelving cart. After DR and Dan came back DR took me for a sandwich so I wouldn't need to come home and make something. So, it took about three hours to get all that accomplished. I watered some things and moved some things around in the greenhouse. Then, I went down to the garden and made rows to plant the things that are ready. Mainly it's the summer squash. I, also, want to plant some carrots, swiss chard, mustard and I forget what else. Things that need to be planted directly into the ground.
Tonight after dinner, we went up to WalMart. I called and the girl said they got 19 pallets of dirt in today so I figured maybe they had the big bags of potting soil. They did so we bought four bags. Dan bought a case of soda to put in the refrigerator. He said we couldn't let it set empty. Tomorrow morning, I have to do some more watering. Everything needs a little water now. I have to go to the library in the afternoon so I think I will just finish cleaning the pots and refill them with the potting soil mixed with some plant food and compost. I have a lot of pots and I'm thinking some things will have to go in pots. I left some space in the garden for pots. I need to clean out the bed that now has herbs and hollyhocks in it. I need to see what has come up under the straw that I put down last fall. Things are doing so well that I forget that it is still April and it's not really warm enough for frost tender things yet.
It's been really nice and I doubt that we will get frost but the ground hasn't warmed up enough for some things.
We are off to the flea market on Saturday. I need to make some money to pay for all the potting soil that I have been buying. If it's not potting soil and plant food, it's flower seeds. I guess that's my addiction. Flowers. DR says I don't go too overboard on it. Everyone needs a hobby. Is it still a hobby when that's all you find time to do? The dust bunny has taken over my house. With all the wind we've been having I guess it wasn't too hard to do. Dooley

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jubabe296 wrote on Fri Apr 21, 2006 5:56 am:

Dooley, I love to go to yard sales and flea markets!! You can find sooo many good things for just a little money!! I live by the saying "One man's junk is another man's treasure"! You are sooo lucky to have your greenhouse!! Maybe one day I will have one!!

MomsCorner wrote on Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:44 pm:

Ah, those beautiful Morning Glories! One of my favorite flowers to grow on the fence line. Until you miss pulling them out before they go to seed. Then you spend the next 2 years pulling them from places in the yard and garden, wondering how they got there!

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