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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 4:38 am

Well, all 39 squash plants are still standing. The flowers I planted are coming up, except at one end where I think the birds must have eaten the seed. I guess I should have let Chance out there to chase them.
I moved some morning glories the other day and they are still standing so maybe tomorrow I'll move some more. If I let all of those morning glories grow on that fence, the fence will fall over from the weight. I do like them there. They even grow up the downspout. I couldn't get them to grow on the front fence. Too much shade, I think. Maybe I will put them on the front fence down by the lower drive where there is more sun. I put some hollyhocks there and they are doing fine. I think I need to put some water on the herb garden area that is not dug yet. It is hard and rocky and maybe I should just put pots of stuff there except that's where DR is going to put the fountain and it really needs something in the ground. I guess I could put the hose there and forget about it for about a week except I wouldn't be able to pay my water bill. A shovel full at a time, I guess that's how it will get done. I want to move some flagstone around too. I think I want to ask the guy who gave it too me where he got it because he said he got it with his quad and you can't take them out on the highway except on a trailer so it must be close by here. I could use a few more pieces. I want to get some onyx too and there is an old onyx mine close where you can go and get pieces left that were too small to bother with. DR wants to polish some. The guy who gave me the flagstone used it to make a hearth for a soapstone stove that burns wood. He gave me the leftover. He's a welder and he just built a huge gate for his driveway. it will work with a remote control. I wish mine was remote control. I have to stop and hop out and open the gate unless by chance DR is out when I come home. It's just a pain. We have to have a gate because javalina come in and eat everything and I mean everything if you don't have a fence and a gate. I never saw anything that would eat the fuzzy leaves on eggplant until the javalina got into the garden. They even ate half of a hot pepper. I guess they decided they didn't like it well enough to eat all of it.
I need to go through the plants in the greenhouse because some things are getting big enough to go in pots. I potted up some lemon balm for Dan and for our neighbor on Thursday. It was still standing today. I never know if I watered it enough or too much. I planted a small pot of lemon balm two springs ago and it is about two by four foot now and really thick. I told Dan if he needed lemon balm feel free to pick it. I bought bee balm at the same time and it crowded out the pot so last spring I moved it to the flower bed by the house. All but one piece died. The piece I gave Dan died too but the one I gave the neighbor is nice and tall and spreading. I may have to go over and steal it back some night or just buy another pot of it. It was relatively cheat. $2.99 I think. DR wants to buy geraniums but I think it must be too early yet because I haven't seen any at the nursery yet. This morning at 5 AM there was dew on the truck window, but not frost. It was about 36F when we went out. It got up to 80F and was a beautiful day. There was no danger of us blowing away today. Dan has gone camping with some friends at a state forest site today. They had to get a permit to have a bonfire. It has to be in a fire ring in a campground. He was taking some logs from the woodshed. I think it is a little cool for camping myself but it's the time of year for it he says. It's Beltane. I don't do that myself but he does so that's okay.
Chance wants to go outside. She never sleeps in the house. She has a bed in the laundry room and has a doggy door so she can get into her little yard. She has no access to an outside fence now. She is in a yard inside of a yard, inside of a yard. The neighbor thinks we have a thing for fences and little yards for this and that and maybe we do but our dog has never gotten out and ran afoul of the dog catcher. Knock on wood. dooley

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Gardenstew wrote on Sun Apr 30, 2006 2:12 pm:

Poor Chance lol. Heaven forbid she ever falls prey of the dog catcher though!

You are one busy lady Dooley :)


dooley wrote on Sun Apr 30, 2006 5:46 pm:

Well, I don't put up all the fences. I just plant things and hope they come up. Dooley

MomsCorner wrote on Sun Apr 30, 2006 11:34 pm:

I love Morning Glories! They are one of my favorites, until I miss cutting them down before seeds fall. Then the next year is miserable for all the neighboring plants, not to mention the neighbor.

This year, I transplanted some to the area of the overhang of the garage. This way, there is only lawn around them so if seeds fall, they get mowed down as they come up next spring.

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