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Done, well maybe

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Tue May 02, 2006 2:44 am

I'm done digging the herb garden. I poured a bag of fertilizer on it. I just raked that in. Then, I set about eleven flagstones into a path around the arbor and out the other side to what will be a river rock path across to the driveway. We looked for a round tub for the big white ball but didn't find one that we liked. I guess we will find one when we aren't looking for one. That is what usually happens. We don't need it tomorrow anyway. We went up to Prescott and came home with two flower pots to fit a table, three more bags of potting soil, a butterfly bush(black knight) and eight six paks of petunias. Also, a cement block and 10 foot long pieces of rebar. We stopped and had lunch too. So, when we got home I finished working in the herb garden and planted six of the paks of petunias in the four pots around the bridge. I have two six paks to plant in the front of the house tomorrow. I put twelve cups of earwig food in the garden and flower beds last night. There were no earwigs in the cups this morning but there were a few beetles. I'm going to put some pieces of board or cardboard in the garden and see if I can find some slugs. I found a conal snail in the greenhouse and Dan says these eat slugs. Oops! I've been throwing them out. I did make some low shelves so nothing in the greenhouse is setting on the ground now.
We have a neighbor who is 73 years old. I told him I would give him some of the herbs from the greenhouse. He was gathering some pots to fill with potting soil when he turned and started to go after the potting soil and fell over his wheelbarrow. He spent three days in the hospital because he messed up his shoulder and it swelled all out of proportion. They kept him until the swelling went down. He has a brace that he has to wear. I told him I would come over tomorrow or the next day and fill the pots for him. The herbs aren't exactly ready to move from the greenhouse.
I told my neighbor Frank that he could have some too. I potted up some lemon balm for him and some summer savory. I do need to get the cumin and the borage in the pots soon. Their roots are coming out of the peat pots. I need to get some seeds in the garden too. We need more than squash.
I got to plant the butterfly bush but DR says he has to dig up a water line first. It's one that drains rainwater from the garden. After the water goes through the little wash it goes into an underground pipe that has developed a leak and it's making the ground soggy. I think when the guy across the alley used his end loader to level the ground it must have been too heavy and cracked the pipe. There is always something that has to be done before you can do something else. I think I should be done soon, but then there is always weeding and watering.
I sat and watched the hummingbirds this afternoon. They were flying around the lilac bush.
The light ran out before I was finished so I guess tomorrow will have to be started with the rest of the days jobs. Dooley

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contrareeone wrote on Wed May 03, 2006 4:06 pm:

Loved your comment
"there is always something that has ato be done before you can do something else"

How true. And, what a stumbling block to progress, at least at my place!! Need to paint this on a sign and post it at the gate coming in to my place!!!


glendann wrote on Thu Jun 22, 2006 5:38 am:

You are always just so busy .I couldn't keep up with you at all.

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