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Another choice?

Category: Choices | Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 4:48 am

Well, now I have to choose. I'm glad it's not a decision. I would really be stumped for an answer. How does one decide what one's title should be. I've asked DR and Dan and they are no help at all. I guess I'll have to have a talk with Chance.
It was HOT and humid today. 94F. There were clouds toward the end of the day. Tomorrow some sort of cold front is moving through our state with high winds. The news was warning of wildfires if there are thunderstorms and spreading wildfires if there are high winds. There was a fire about five miles from us last week. It burned 32 acres. It was started by a hiker who made a campfire on bare ground. It might have been worse, except he had a cellphone and called for help.
On the way home from the flea market yesterday we passed an accident. I can't figure it out. A flatbed truck was hauling a load of ? It was a Weyerhauser truck so it had something to do with paper I think. It looked like bundles of something. It had caught fire and was burning. There were about 20 emergency vehicles there. A big bulldozer had pushed the load off of the flatbed and was spreading it out over the highway and the firemen were spraying it with their hoses. The fire had burned up the embankment and there were firemen up in the brush too. There were firetrucks from several towns and from the forest service. There were police and ambulances. There is always an ambulance at wildfires to take care of firemen who suffer heat exhaustion or burns.
We did well at the flea market yesterday but I'm wondering how because it seems we came home with more than we took. Two different venders gave us stuff they didn't want anymore. We bought a lot of stuff cheap. The people across from us bought a big house in Phoenix. An older woman had packed up and was going to move to another place. But she died so these people bought the house. They brought the boxes unopened to the flea market and spread everything out on the ground. Or just opened the boxes and let people dig through them. I bought a box of clothing. Almost everything fit. A few items didn't but I know some people that I will share with. It came out to about 10 cents an item and a lot of the items were designer name things. There were 17 long sleeve blouses, 14 short sleeve pullover shirts, 12 long sleeve pullover shirts, 6 pair of shorts, 3 pair of long pants and several hooded shirts. I really needed shirts too. So, it was a great buy. DR bought some things he wanted too. He bought a wooden ship model. It's an old model. I think it's the Constitution but I'm not sure. He bought a Chinese vase that I really like. We used to have a lot of Oriental things but only kept a few things that we really liked when we moved here from Wisconsin. Better go. Dooley

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Gardenstew wrote on Mon May 22, 2006 11:49 am:

That was a great deal you got at the flea market Dooley. 10 cents an item lol :)

I hope you don't get any wildfires.


toni wrote on Mon May 22, 2006 4:05 pm:

Weyerhauser recycles cardboard, there is as collection plant not far from here and there are always flatbed trucks hauling off really huge bundles of cardboard.

I love flea markets, there is as big one called First Monday over in east Texas that I keep saying I am going to but something else always comes first.


jubabe296 wrote on Mon May 22, 2006 5:25 pm:

Dooley I hope wildfires don't start up!! They are soooo scary!! A few years ago the people that had a mobile home in front of our property started a fire when their lawnmower caught on fire! It burnt their house to the ground, and almost got everyone else's homes out here too!! Luckily my Dad came through with the tractor and kept the flames off everyone else's until the fire department could get here!! I hope that never happens again!!

I'm glad you were able to get all the great clothes at the flea market!! I love flea markets and yard sales we come across soooo many great deals!!
Good Luck with deciding a title!! I don't know if you saw my post earlier but it would be great to include that you named the eaglets on bird day at your reading program! Congrats on the win!!

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