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A good week?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 2:53 am

I've been out playing ball with Chance. It is a nice evening. I was thinking about the week that's ending. It wasn't a bad week in general. There are some things that broke and there was that snake and those darn ants. But, it wasn't really a bad week. I went out and watered the plants in pots because we won't be home tomorrow. It's not going to be quite as hot tomorrow but they dry out faster. I went ahead and watered some tomatoes. They don't look too bad. They are standing up straight. I fed them miracle gro this week. I have small yellow squash. The ants didn't seem to bother them much but they ate a few of the green ones. I saw that they are getting some new leaves so maybe if I can get rid of the ants they will do okay. I hope the squash don't absorb the hot sauce but it would be okay. DR likes squash and he likes hot sauce. I can't say the same about myself and snakes. I'm not fond of them most of the time but rattlesnakes are poisonous and I don't like them at all. Dan and his friend John took it and turned it out in the brush away from town. I don't like to kill them either if there is away around it. John teaches classes on survival in the wilderness so he knows how and where to release them. Dan put it in a container with a big stick. It didn't put up too much of a fight. The biggest problem this week was the ants. I'll spray them again when I come home tomorrow if they are still around. I imagine they will be because there are a lot of them. I know they are only looking for water because it is so dry but they could drink out of the puddles when I run the soaker hose. Between the ants and the earwigs it's a wonder I have any plants left. I wondered why they don't eat the weeds and the grass but they don't really taste that good to me so why would the ants like them any better than I do. My butterfly bush has three blooms and smells really good. I see some of the leaves have spots on them but I didn't see any bugs so I will have to keep an eye on them. We can't find any apricots on the trees so I guess the snow froze the flowers. Oh, well! The neighbor says he will have lots of plums if the birds don't eat them and I can make jam out of them. I still have jelly from the grapes last year and you should see the grape vines. They are just loaded with grapes.I can't just let them rot so I make jelly and give it to people. I wonder if the senior center would like jelly. I will have to call and ask. There may be regulations about how it's made or something so the people won't get sick. But, I eat it and I'm not sick.
Worked at the library and changed the bulletin board and put up a new sign on the wall that says, "Hot Summer Day? Read a Book". I put all the new children's books on a shelf under it. I made this bulletin board last year and put a tree with leaves on it and grass under it. I keep changing it. It had fall leaves and then no leaves and then spring leaves and now I've been putting summer leaves on it again. I changed from grass to snow and now back to grass. Since the summer reading program is about animals we put some small animals in the grass. Today, I added the sun and some small clouds. I'm sure it will change as summer progresses. Maybe some flowers. Dooley

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glendann wrote on Sat May 27, 2006 6:12 am:

You are truely an amazing lady,Just so busy .You sound like you get everything done .
If I find a snake in my yard its a dead one if it will wait for me to get my gun,sorry I know I shouldn't but I would.
My plants are haveing grasshoppers eating on them and fire ants gosh they hurt when they sting .
I get some lopers (worms ) on some of mine and squash bugs .Have to get some 7 dust before I let them kill my plants .I do not like to use it but sometimes you just must .

tweetykiss wrote on Sun May 28, 2006 2:38 am:

So sorry you have to deal with ants and snakes. You don't get many snakes do you. I know you do live in a rattlesnake area so I was going to start a thead on how the garderners in the Southwest area deal with this problem.

My mother lives in South Carolina and she loves to garden and she also has snakes although she claims those are not the poisonous ones. Frankly those things really give me the creeps.

I hope you will be able to eat your squash.

Good luck on the rest of your garden.


dooley wrote on Sun May 28, 2006 3:11 am:

When we lived at a lower, hotter altitude we had a lot more snakes. It is cooler here and we don't see as many. There are a few different types of rattlesnakes but a lot of non-poisonous types. These are the ones Dan will bring to the summer reading program.

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