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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon May 29, 2006 3:50 am

It's about the end of the day. We didn't do a lot today. It's the middle of a holiday weekend. Dan says it's not the middle because he worked yesterday and has Tuesday off. I may or may not work on Tuesday. I guess it depends of what DR and Dan will do in my absence. If it's something fun, I may want to do it too. If I go to the library, I will just have to cut out little animals for the animals on parade part of the summer reading program. I think we will need a lot of them because we need one for each book that gets checked out. Face it, if the kid checks out a book he's going to say he read it. We trust them to tell us the truth, right!
Yesterday, we went to the flea market. We had a reserved space so we didn't have to rush up there to find it taken. Well, it was taken. DR and the man in our space both went to the ticket booth. The man apologized and said he didn't have our name down for the space. But, he gave us a bigger corner space for the same price and the other man didn't have to move all of his stuff. It turned out to be windy and stuff was blowing everywhere. We didn't lose much but some people ended with things broken or missing. A kid came past with an armful of stuff and wanted to know if any of it was ours. It wasn't. He said it wasn't theirs either. We came home early.
DR shouldn't have been out in all that wind. He couldn't hear anything today. I hope it goes away by tomorrow. I mean I hope he can hear again tomorrow. He stayed mostly inside today. He ventured out this evening and was sitting in the backyard when he caught Chance eating a plant in the narrow flower bed. I wondered where the plants were going. I was outside the fence cutting that darn sticker bush that keeps coming back. I think I will have to dig out all the roots to keep it from growing. I cut the sucker shoots off the walnut tree too. Then, I cut that darn horehound again. I ended up having to take an allergy pill. I poured hot sauce/garlic down two ant hills. I still have to find a couple of hills. Those little ants are really hard to trail. They go around in circles. I don't know how they ever end up at a hole. I wonder if they see me watching and say lets confuse the old lady. DR says he is done with the gravel pile so I can make a path through the herb garden with the rest of it. He's going to trim the part of the neighbor's tree that is in our yard. No one lives there and the woman who owns the place has it locked so no one else can do anything with the place. That's where an airplane would come in handy. I could bomb the place with wildflower seeds. The stray cats in the neighborhood live under the house. They guy on the other side of it feeds them. Joe said there are 15 to 20 of them. Chance doesn't like them because they sit just on the other side of the fence and wash themselves lazily and drive her crazy.
Oh, I was going to say that the guy from the flea market who sells the spaces and reserves them apologized for selling our reserved space. He marked us down for space 134 instead of 234. He said he knew he had reserved our space but couldn't find our name so it wasn't marked. Well, is turned out okay. We can't go next week. It's Mayer Daze. BIG parade ( will last 15 to 20 minutes) and festival in the park. Big dance in the evening. We don't go to the dance here. It,s inside and too noisy. When we lived in Black Canyon City we went because it was outside. They closed the street. Our friends are coming from Goodyear. We haven't seen them since we briefly stopped in February. They come every year for the parade and then we go for lunch somewhere. When we go down to visit them, we get to pay for lunch. When they come to visit us, they get to pay for lunch. It seems that it should be the opposite, but this is the way it works out. We only see each other five or six times a year. It's about an hour and a half each way.
Dan and I played Scrabble after supper tonight. I let him win. (I did!!) The boys all learned to play scrabble from the time they could make words. Even before they went to school. It was a study in patience to let them make three letter words and not make big words to fill the board. Games lasted hours. I had to let them win sometimes or they would have been so discouraged. Now, they let me win sometimes or not. Andrew had a super scrabble game when we was there last summer. It took us hours to play that one. Dr doesn't play games. So, I have to wait until I get one of the boys around to play scrabble. Dan doesn't play often. He complained that he only won by 37 points. Oh, well. Dooley

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jubabe296 wrote on Mon May 29, 2006 4:54 pm:

Sounds like you have the same kind of sneaky ants we do!!LOL! I'm sorry you and DR had such a bad flea market experience, hopefully the next time will be better. Tell DR I hope his ear feels better soon!! I know ya'll must really be excited about your friends coming to visit!! I know you will have a great time!! The boys and I like to play scrabble too, if you lived closer we would love to include you!!


dooley wrote on Mon May 29, 2006 5:25 pm:

Thanks, Julie. Flea market days are always a bit windy since the place is on a high plane where the wind blows through. But a cold front was moving through. It was cold last night. I'm still wearing a long sleeve shirt and it's almost lunch time. Dooley


Gardenstew wrote on Mon May 29, 2006 6:10 pm:

I haven't played Scrabble in years but I loved it. Thanks for bring up some good memories dooley.

And what can I say about Chance... I thought she knew not to trust those pesky gnomes. I told you they were up to no good.

Tell DR I hope his hearing gets better soon!

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