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Not much today

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 3:22 am

We didn't do much today. I poured pepper/garlic sauce down some ant hills. They were still wondering around tonight. Maybe I will do it again in the morning before they get started. They seem to be just moving a few feet. It may take all summer to get them moved on down the road.
I went and sat outside today and let Chance out in the other yard. She enjoyed herself and barked at a few cats. DR came out and they played squeaky ball for awhile. I wrote to grandma and just enjoyed the peaceful time. I walked on the treadmill and rode the exercise bike for 10 minutes each. I sort of got out of the habit while DR was working on the room so now I have to start out slow and work up again. I skipped the weight bench because DR hung all the weights on it and I didn't feel like moving them. I can't use all of the weights. I was only starting to add weights when I stopped using it.
We used to walk everywhere here in Mayer. Then we got a new vehicle and started driving. Bad move. We have started walking to the post office now. There and back in half a mile. It's maybe another quarter of a mile if I were to walk on down to the library. DR doesn't like me to walk by myself though. He says even in a small town it isn't always safe. There are a couple spots where you are out of sight of houses, etc.
We cooked on our new little gas grill tonight. It worked just fine. We bought it at a yard sale for five dollars. It's just fine for us. Brian said it would cook about six hamburgers or 4 steaks. He cooked steaks, but they were small and he only did three because Dan was eating with us.
I work at the library tomorrow. I guess I will work on cutting animals again. Dan has tomorrow off because today was a holiday and it was also his day off normally so he has to have another day off.
We have to go fill our water bottles and pick up a prescription. I had them all arranged so I could pick them up at the same time every month. Then, the doctor started messing with them and now it seems like they all have to be picked up at a different time. The insurance company sets limits on how many you can get at a time and when you can get them. Boy, I would stop taking all of them if I could. Darn pills!
I had a rematch with Dan tonight and I won, but only by three points. He won by 37 points last night. It was a terrible game tonight. I just couldn't make any words and the board was a mess. You couldn't get to one corner. Maybe better next time. dooley

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jubabe296 wrote on Wed May 31, 2006 2:12 am:

Sounds like you had a pretty relaxing day! I would not walk by myself either. There is so much that happens to people these days, it pays to be cautious!! I understand about your frustration with insurance companies!! I have to take pills each day too, and oh boy I'd stop taking them too if I could!!

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