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It's quiet

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:27 am

I'm was sitting outside with Chance. She was surveying the yard and occasionally barking at something. Her eyesight must be quite a bit better than mine because I couldn't see anything. It began to get dark so we came inside. We don't do saving time in Arizona so by 8pm it is getting dark. It's quiet now. All the kids must be inside. I hear the dog up on the corner but nothing else. The fans are running, a steady hum in the room.Chance is sitting by my feet. Make that snoozing by my feet. She will snooze until I ask her if it's bedtime. DR moved the gnomes back outside since he says they must talk to Chance when she's snoozing. I don't know what we've been doing lately. We had some very warm days and didn't do much. It's been breezy and warm. About all I've been doing outside is watering. I think tomorrow, I will move some plants around and plant those little tomatoes in the ground and see if they will grow. Sometimes when I move stuff from pots to the ground they do well and sometimes they just say, I'm not growing. I don't like it here. The big tomatoes all have flowers. I put some plant food on them today. I've been watering a bare spot because I dumped a mixed up mess of seeds on it. So, far nothing has come up. I think maybe the ants have carried the seeds away. I'm still dumping stuff down the ant hills. Some ants have moved and some haven't. I guess I have harressed them enough yet. One day, I couldn't find the ant spray. I had left it by another ant hill, I guess. I sprayed them with lemon scented furniture polish. They moved house, but only about two feet. I powered washed the ant hills one day. Then, I sprayed them with ant spray and DR came along and poured some charcoal lighter down the hole. That kept them away for several days. Yesterday, after I worked at the library, DR, Dan and I went up to the buffet place for dinner. They serve dinner rolls with tubs of this honey butter. We ate the rolls but brought the little tubs of honey butter home. They are great ant traps. You open the lid a bit and set them outside. They are both greasy and sweet so in a little bit of time they are full of drowned ants because the butter melts in the sun and they full in and can't get out. I should look in Costco and see if they sell them in cartons. I bought some round ant traps at the dollar store and put them around outside where Chance can't get at them. They seem to work a bit. But, you can't put them where an animal can get at them. \
Tomorrow, I need to do some grass trimming around the bridge and along the fences. Grass only grows where it isn't wanted. There's not much in the yard. I think it must be because Chance keeps it trampled. The front yard has some grass except under the big tree. I was going to put hosta's under the tree but time seemed to get away and it wasn't accomplished yet.
I put in an application for a part-time job but I haven't heard about it yet. It's only 20 hours a week. I'll have to make some changes if I get it. Maybe DR will water in the evening. It's evenings and Saturday. I think meals will probably rearrange themselves to suit when and if needed. I'm not counting my chickens yet though. Just a bit of casual thinking about things.
Dan's truck broke so he's been riding his bike to work. It's about half a mile. He sometimes did that anyway. A friend is coming tomorrow to help him determine what's broken and how much it will take to fix it. He did find out it's not the battery. He took it and had it checked at an auto parts place. It may be the alternator(?). I can't spell that word. It just doesn't look right any which way.
Guess that's about it for today. Dooley

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glendann wrote on Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:21 am:

Its quiet here tonight too dooley,Cheyenne is staying with me .(My grandaughter)She is her Nana's sweetie and partner.When I'm off .She Shanna and myself went to Bo Bo's Nursery today .I found a few things I juat had to have .I got a pink and green Caladium (sp)
and a white Lantana to go with my multicolor ,gold and lilac ones .Got some Beautiful Zennia's already blooming Odd collor ones to go with all of mine that are about to bloom .I really love this plant Also Shanna
bought me another Mandivilla
to go on this arch beside my small one. I bought a Black Pearl Pepper plant,I had never seen this plant before but the peppers are black and very shiney (I bet to hot to eat.)Also got 2 other plants a pink and lilac but for the life of me can't remember what their names are ( You get they way at my age lol)
I planted some of them after watering my yard .I also planted some more Spagetti Squash to go up on my trellis that Shanna's brother made for me .I painted one of my big plant holders and will paint the other one tomorrow.Took some pictures of Angel Trumpets.
It has 11 blooms tonight.A really pretty show.I have to get my pictures developed now so I can post them .

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