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A Day Off

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 4:04 am

Wow, I worked four evenings and had a day off. Tomorrow I will work 8 am to 4:30 pm and then have Sunday off. I think it will be busy tomorrow. Last night I shelved nonfiction books, all the little numbers on the end panels. I think everyone leaves them for last because no one likes shelving them. I don't mind it but it takes awhile to get them in order. I turned in my time sheet for the first time so next Friday I will get one weeks pay. Yipee! It's been awhile since I worked for pay. I enjoy working. It's a bigger library than the two I have volunteered in recently. so, the volume of books to shelve is greater. They have about 20 three shelf carts in the check-in area. They are never empty. As soon as you empty one someone fills it with checked-in books. But, they do sort them now. They used to just fill the carts. The girl I'm replacing said she labeled each cart for the type of books needing shelved. fiction, nonfiction, mystery, large print, etc. One night I shelved video's, DVD's, audio books and fiction. Didn't get it all finished. Should have worked some on the nonfiction because last night I had to do all nonfiction and still didn't finish them. One of the librian's told me not to shelve fiction and new books tomorrow. They have a volunteer who comes in one Monday to shelve books. She is 92 years old and only wants to shelve fiction and new books because they are relatively easy. If there are none on the cart she gets mad and goes home. I guess age does have some usefulness.
On my first day off, we went to breakfast at Young's Farm. Then, we went up to Prescott Valley (can't skip a day) and went to yard sales. I found a shirt and pair of pants that I can wear to work. I can't wear jeans and t-shirts. Stopped at Fry's and bought chicken breasts for 88 cents a pound. The meat dept. kid said he can't even get them into the case. Every time he brings out a box customers get it emptied before he can put them in the meat case. We could only buy four packages. We bought some ice cream so we had to come home because we didn't have a cooler with us. It was a bit soft when we got here but not melted entirely.
Then, we went to Spring Valley and Cordes Lakes to yard sales but bombed out there. I meant to go back to one here in Mayer but forgot. I did buy a weed whacker for five dollars. The guy plugged it in and cut a few weeds and it worked. I needed one I could use and it's a nice light electric one.
Got home around 1:30 and checked out Gardenstew. Played a couple computer games, went to water the pots of flowers and played with Chance a bit. Dan came home and needed to go to Prescott Valley to buy a part for his truck. So, we went back to Prescott Valley to the auto parts store. Then, we went to the Chinese buffet for supper. Then to WalMart to buy some craft foam and a roll of peel and stick magnets strips to use for craft on Tuesday. A local vet tech is coming to do a program on Dogs and small animals as pets. She is supposed to bring hamsters or guinea pigs. We'll play a team game with balls of yarn. Each team gets a ball of yarn, approx. the same size. The first person unwinds a piece and hands the ball to the next person who does the same and on down the line it goes and back up the line until it's all unwound. Then, they reverse and wind the yarn back into a ball. First team to get the yarn rewound gets a point each.
This past Tuesday, they had to move M&M's from a cup at one end of the room to a cup at the other end of the room. The team with the most M&M's in their cup won. The first team had to be disqualified because one person went twice. But, the teams got to divide the M&M's in their cups. So goes my day off and a few other things. Dooley

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jubabe296 wrote on Sat Jun 24, 2006 9:49 pm:

Wow I'm tired just reading about your day!!LOL! I wanted to go to yard sales today too, but just didn't have the get up and go!! 88 cents a pound for chicken breast WOW!!!!! That is a really good deal!! I'm really happy that you are enjoying your new job!!!

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