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Still here

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 4:02 am

I'm still here. I've been busy or I've been working or I'm tired. I'm still getting used to working and being on my feet for three hours steady. On Saturday, it's eight hours. Last week my ankles were swollen at the end of the day. DR made me sit in the recliner with them up for the rest of the evening. The rain made everything grow, even the weeds. While I was at work last night, Dan cut the grass and weeds in the backyard. I was going to do that this morning because I don't like it too high when Chance is out there. Ticks and fleas can get into the tall grass and I don't like to think that Chance will get them on her. I haven't found either and I don't want to.
The squash in the garden is growing as fast or faster than I can keep up with it. Yesterday, I picked three squash(summer type) and I kept one and gave two to the neighbor. I look and there were some small ones but nothing ready to pick. I went out to water the herbs in pots sitting in the garden. I found four squash. Two were way bigger than I like them. I gave them to Dan to take to his friends on Sunday. I couldn't wait until Sunday to pick them or they would be gigantic. The tomatoes are growing bigger and bigger. They should quit growing bigger and get ripe. I don't mind smaller tomatoes if I am going to cut them for salad. I even prefer smaller ones if I am going to stuff them.
Today was a day off. So, we ended up in Prescott Valley. DR needed to go and pay on something and we wanted to go to some yard sales. We found a good half a dozen, just driving down the main streets and following the arrows. We bought a few things. I found a little backpack filled with little bears. There were seven bears, two frogs and a rabbit. They are small bears and will go with the small bears Christmas tree at Christmas time. Somehow they have all ended up on the computer desk. I'll have to find a spot for them, they can't clutter up the desk like this. I found a piece of plaid woolen material. Enough to make a skirt or pair of slacks if I buy some lining material. It's a red plaid. Dan wants it for a summer kilt. I told him no. It's too hot for a summer anything and besides I bought it for myself. I only had to pay $2.00. I thought for sure she would say at least $10.00. I bought a wooden sleigh too. The runners are off, but DR said he can fix those. A big bear will fit in it after it's fixed. I might paint it and put some stencil's of some kind on it.
We went to the buffet place for lunch and then I went to Office Max to look at computer keyboards. We wanted a bigger one because the one that came with the computer was small and the keys were close together and it was hard to use. We were only going to look at what was there and get some prices. We ended up buying a Microsoft Wireless Optical 400 keyboard and mouse. Dan installed the software when he came by after work. It was more a matter of uninstalling the old ones and hooking up the receiver for the keyboard and mouse. He programmed some of the keys. Now, I just have to figure out what the others do and how to use them. Dan clicks here and there and it's already to go. It takes me longer to figure things out. Must be old age creeping up on me. My dad told me once that 65 was when you started getting old. I was 65 in January, but I don't feel old. I wonder when I will start it coming on. DR says my short term memory is getting a bit shorter. I don't notice that either. DR says it's when he says he wants to go to the bank and I turn the corner for the post office or go straight to go to the library. Well, you can get to the bank either way but it's not the direct way. Oh, well, I'd better go do a few things. Six AM comes earlier when you start to get old. Dooley

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Gardenstew wrote on Sat Jul 15, 2006 9:39 am:

I can imagine that Chance could use the long grass for stealth operations but the risk of ticks and fleas is too much.


jubabe296 wrote on Sun Jul 16, 2006 6:35 am:

Your yard sale finds sound great!! I love yard sales!! I bet those little bears we be so cute on your Christmas tree! My sister has little teddy bears that she puts on her tree every year and they are adorable. She has a thing for bears like you!!
I'm glad you Chance hasn't gotten ticks or fleas on her!! They can really cause alot of problems for the poor animals!!Luckily we haven't found any on our animals this year either!

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