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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 4:59 pm

Well, I think I've been keeping busy. I don't know what I've been doing though. I made zucchini bread yesterday. The zucchini keeps on coming. DR says we need to freeze some for winter. I guess I should put freezing bags on my shopping list or his shopping list. The days seem so short lately and it's still summer. I leave here at 5:15 and get back about 9:30. DR comes along and does shopping then comes to the library and reads all the papers and then retires to the southwest room and writes stuff. We don't spend a day shopping now. He does some each night and gets the list whittled down as I add to it. We can catch the specials that way. The times goes fast at work and I've been getting the carts empty most nights. Yesterday, the director called me at home and said how pleased he was with the job I was doing. He wanted to change my hours some. Not adding, just rearranging. I'm not sure how I like the new hours. It doesn't make much difference what hours that I work but now I won't go in to work until 10 am on Saturday so I won't have those two hours before the library opens to get things done in the high traffic areas. I guess the people will just have to look around me for books. Also, Brian won't be able to drop me off and go to the flea market. He says it's okay, he can go on Sunday if he wants to go. He says we'll try the new hours a couple of weeks to see how they work. Maybe, I'll go back to the old ones. Yesterday, I had to go an hour early and do a computer class on sexual harrassment that's mandatory. They just discovered that I hadn't done it. Wow! I will get paid an extra hour for it. The library director dashed in from a meeting last night to meet me. He goes home before I arrive and doesn't work on Saturday so he hadn't met me and he was hearing good things. Whoopee! He didn't stay a minute, I bet. Off he went, satisfied with what he saw, I hope.
Yard work hasn't been getting done as fast. I need to go cut some horse nettle. Brian says it has pretty purple flowers and it does, but it spreads fast and is stickery so I don't like it. There is some other lacy leafed weed that is trying to take over too. It's supposed to be only 78 degs. tomorrow so maybe if I get up early I can get them cut out. The coreopsis has been blooming great and this morning I saw a cosmos starting to bloom. The poppies are about done, but the Mexican Primrose hasn't started to bloom yet.
I have two tomatoes almost ripe enough to pick. I was thinking of picking them now before the bugs discover them. There are two or three that are being dried by the hot sun before the get ripe. Maybe I'll have sun dried on the vine tomatoes. The ground is still wet so I think they are getting enough water. I don't want to drown the plants. We got the big pot and the potting soil for repotting the mimosa tree. I may get that done this morning. I think I'll put it in the shady area in the herb? garden. No herbs in the herb garden. Maybe, I'll move the pots of herbs from the garden to the herb garden. They don't seem to like the hot sun too much. Take daily watering. Something is eating on the basil. There are brown tunnels in the leaves. I need to cut them back some anyway. Oh, well, I'm rambling on about nothing so guess I will go work on the Bear Project.

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Marlene wrote on Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:24 am:

Hi Dooley -- You are one busy lady. Sounds like everything at the job is going really well. Hope your new hours work out for you and DR.


glendann wrote on Sun Jul 30, 2006 9:27 pm:

Gosh ,you are a busy lady.How do you do it ?I never have time for anything.

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