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weeks about over

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 4:25 am

This week is about over. It had a couple of events in it. The summer reading program finished. That was considered a success. I started the different hours at the library. Those went fairly well. I would do things a bit different, but I'm not the boss so I guess it will stay the same for now. Tomorrow will be the first Saturday that I start at ten. I will come home at the same time. Brian won't be able to go to the flea market as rain is predicted. If it's like yesterday and today, it will be locally heavy. I guess it depends on what they mean by locally, but today it hit both places. The geraniums that I got at WalMart on Sunday are doing well. I've kept them watered and put some plant food on them. We went for a sandwich before I went to work on Tuesday. That was the first day I went an hour earlier. I was almost late for work because we got held up by an accident ahead of us. It took us a long time to work our way forward to the accident sight. The one car had its front end all bashed. They must have towed the second vehicle away because nothing else was there and that one car must have hit something. It was cleared all away went we went back the other way. We had to eat our sandwiches very fast though. I thought it went very well last night and this morning when I was driving through that heavy rain. The wipers wasn't keeping up with the rain. Visibility was practically nil. I followed tail lights a lot. It was like driving on this silvery white surface because you couldn't see the road. Traffic slowed and no one tried to pass and we drove out of it in a while. It was intermittent the rest of the way this morning. Last night, just as we were pulling into the parking lot, the sun came out. It was still raining and almost instantly there was a huge rainbow that went the entire arc. It was huge and bright and looked like it was right in front of us. DR was wishing he had the camera. He says he is going to start carrying it with us. The other day, I was in the garden and saw a black butterfly with blue spots on its wings. By the time I got back with the camera it was gone. It was the same the day I saw the oriole on the fence preening. I ran to get the camera but it was gone by the time I got back. It seems like we need several cameras stashed in various parts of the yard. That won't happen anytime soon though.
This morning when I got back from the meeting, Chance wanted to go outside so I went with her to survey the yard. She wanted into the lower yard so I got the clippers since I wanted to cut some horse nettle. I opened the gate and she took off like a shot. I didn't know it but there was a cat laying in the strip of flower bed. The fence didn't stop her, she flew over it and took off down the flower bed chasing the cat. The cat escaped damage by going out through the squares in the fence. The flowers didn't escape the carnage. Quite a few of them are flattened. A big cosmos is broken and didn't get a chance to bloom. But, how can I holler at Chance when she was just chasing the cat out of the flowers. Never mind that she wasn't supposed to be there. DR says next year he will install a stronger fence that Chance can't fly over. Due to some intermittent rain, I got a lot done on the bear project. Now, it's time to stand back and decide what's next. I do have to buy some ribbon and need to decide what color. Dooley

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Gardenstew wrote on Sat Aug 05, 2006 12:05 pm:

I would find it hard to punish Chance in that situation as well, she was just doing her job ;)

>>> The other day, I was in the garden and saw a black butterfly with blue spots on its wing <<<

Was it like the opposite of the butterfly icon on our Wildlife forum? :)

I enjoy reading your entries Dooley.

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