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It didn't rain today!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 2:32 am

I know that some people desperately need rain but I am getting tired of gray skies. It seems since June we've had nothing but gray skies. It doesn't always rain. Sometimes it goes around us. But, it's always cloudy. The forecast ALWAYS says Isolated thunderstorms, Scattered showers or a stray thunderstorm. It NEVER says sunny. You can't believe it anyway. Yesterday, it said a stray shower. We got dumped on and up the hill in Prescott Valley and down the hill in Phoenix, they got flooded. Today, it said partly sunny. Well, yeah, for about thirty minutes. Then here come the clouds.
We had to take our truck for service this morning. We had to be there at 8 am. So we went a bit early because there was so much mud on the truck that DR said they wouldn't be able to work on it. Then, it got washed twice because they washed it in their car wash after they finished. Didn't cost us anything today but next time we have to have some sort of rear end fluid changed and the guy says that's expensive.
We went and had breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. We only have a few. This one we like because they have two waiters who are very good. One always has our drinks in his hand when we enter. Today, though, we had a girl and she is not good. I ordered pancakes. She asked, regular or whole grain. I told her whole grain. When they came they were regular. I told her that the pancakes were not what I ordered. I wanted whole grain. She looks at me and says, Oh, I didn't hear you! She took them back and brought me whole grain. But it took time and DR was about finished before I got started. Last week after we had done some shopping we stopped at another restaurant up in Prescott. I had to go to work so we couldn't come all the way home. We had not been in this particular restaurant before. It was okay but we ordered and had some food from the salad bar and were eating when we hear, "Hey, Hey, Hey, what are you doing here?" DR said, "We're eating, what are you doing here?" It was one of the waiters from where we ate this morning. He said it was his second job. He works 8 hrs at the first place and 4 hours at the second place. The days don't always match up so he was on his 8th day in a row working. He has a cute little boy and an older boy from an earlier marriage. Boy, 12 hour days. On his feet all the time too. DR told him that he was still young enough to do that. He told DR he felt like he could, but his knees begged to differ with him.
This afternoon, I went out in the yard with Chance. I took my clippers and we went out behind the big shed and cut a few weeds with heavy stalks. I'm going to have to use the weedeater out there one of these days, but I'll space it out a little better this time. I've got to rake up the walnuts out of the grass in Chance's yard so DR can use the lawn mower there. I went into the garden and pulled some weeds and picked a couple of tomatoes and six squash. That's 28 in the last six days. I picked some swiss chard and some kale and oregano and made that for supper with some small steaks done on the grill. I also made squash with cheese and onions. I made biscuits with chopped up rosemary and chives. Chance loves it when I cut rosemary. She loves the smell and sometimes rubs against it just to stand and smell it. My tomatoes are rotting before they get ripe. Too much rain, maybe. But, earlier they were getting sun dried on the vine. Isn't there a happy medium?
We've started gathering firewood for winter. When we went by the elementary school we stopped and asked the custodian what he was going to do with the pile of wooden pallets stacked by the trash dumpster. He said throw them away, why? We put them in our truck and hauled them home. They make great kindling wood. We still have lots of logs that we hauled last year so when we cut up the pallets we'll have what we need for the winter. DR says some he will take apart and use for projects. He's always needing wood for projects. He even makes gates out of them. He made the side gate and Dan made a Celtic Cross for it. There were 32 pallets. It took us two trips. Well, that's my book for today. Dooley

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wannabe wrote on Sat Aug 26, 2006 3:06 am:

It sounds as if you are as frustrated with your weather as we are with ours. We are 4 inches behind are normal yearly rainfall. We have a chance of rain tonight.


Shanna wrote on Sat Aug 26, 2006 5:14 am:

We still have no rain .It came a flood in Madisonville
today this afternoon but where I work didn't get a drop and Shanna said it barely sprinkled here 8 miles from the flood.It was 107 today so hot you had trouble breathing.I do wish we would get some whorth while rain before everything died or burns up.


glendann wrote on Sat Aug 26, 2006 5:16 am:

Sorry about that. Shanna didn't sign out so my post shows its her.


Gardenstew wrote on Sat Aug 26, 2006 12:00 pm:

Good job on the free wood Dooley ;)


glendann wrote on Sat Aug 26, 2006 4:00 pm:

Hope you and DR have a great day today .45 Years .If my Johnny were alive Dec.2 would make it 45 also.

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